Thursday, January 22, 2009


RaptorDefence is a rogue anti-spyware program that is made to look like it will scan for and remove spyware from PC's. RaptorDefence is a rip-off and should be avoided, do not purchase RaptorDefence as this software is a complete scam.

RaptorDefence is a rogue that is in the same family as Spy-Shredder, AntiSpyKit, and others.

RaptorDefence is aggressively advertised through the use of malware that displays fake security alerts in your Windows taskbar as well misleading statements on their web sites. Once installed, the program will automatically scan your computer and display a programmed set of false or fake infections on your computer. RaptorDefence uses these false scan results to frighten people into purchasing the software.

If your computer is infected with RaptorDefence we strongly recommend you remove it ASAP.

Click here to use our tool, VIPRE Antivirus, to remove RaptorDefence form your PC for free.

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