Thursday, January 22, 2009


SpyKiller Pro is a phony anti-spyware software that should not be purchased. Avoid SpyKiller and remove it from infected PC's immediately.

SpyKiller Pro usually installed itself onto PC's without permission, through Vundo Trojan, Virus or fake software. Once installed on a PC SpyKiller Pro will display fake system alerts or fake security alerts to frighten the user into buying the paid version of SpyKiller Pro, in order to remove the potential and reported problems.

SpyKiller will cause your machine to slow down dramatically and it would also put your privacy and data in risk.

If your computer is infected with the SpyKiller parasite, you should remove it asap.

Click here to start removal of SpyKiller now.
(Above link will start VIPRE Antivirus installation, use the trial to remove SpyKiller for free.)

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