Wednesday, January 21, 2009


VirusProtect is a rogue security program known for scaremongering, high-pressure advertising practices. VirusProtect is a scam and this software should not be purchased.

VirusProtect is like any other phony antivirus software, it is made to look like it will scan and remove viruses from a computer, but will display false warnings to scare people into buying the software.

VirusProtect usually infects computers through security loopholes in internet browsers and with the help of Trojan downloaders.

If your PC is infected with VirusProtect, you should remove it now. We recommend using VIPRE Antivirus, which will remove VirusProtecte and any other harmful threats from your computer for free.

Click here to remove VirusProtect form your PC for free with VIPRE.

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