Thursday, January 22, 2009


PrivacyKit is a phony antispyware software and should be avoided. ProvacyKit is made to look like a PC cleaner, but does not actually clean or protect the PC in any way, it actually exposes the infected PC to more security threats. PrivacyKit is a complete scam, you should not purchase this software.

PrivacyKit is often downloaded and installed by Trojans, through browser security exploits, or via other nefarious mechanisms. PrivacyKit is a very nasty program that will badger users with false notifications or alerts in order to buy the software.

If your computer is infected with PrivacyKit, we strongly recommend you remove it now. You can use VIPRE Antivirus to effectively and quickly remove PrivacyKit and all other harmful security threats form your PC for free.

Click here to start removing PrivacyKit from your PC now.

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