Thursday, February 12, 2009

Antivirus Master

Antivirus Master is phony or rogue antispyware software, designed to scam unsuspecting people out of their money. Antivirus Master, like most rogue antispyware software, uses scare tactics to trick people into buying the software, which by the way is completely useless.

Antivirus Master is made by the same hacks who have made many other rogue software including:
Advanced Antivirus
Vista Antivirus 2008
Ultimate Antivirus 2008

Antivirus Master usually makes it's way from computer to computer via Trojans, exploiting internet security loopholes. Once a PC is infected with this parasite, Antivirus Master will preform a security scan of the computer and report non-existent and false threats in an attempt to frighten the user into thinking they need to buy this software to remove the threats. It's all a scam, don't buy Antivirus Master.

When Antivirus Master is installed on a computer the following effects are usually seen by the user, falsified scan results, constant pop-ups warning of malware, slow and sluggish PC performance, non shop annoying alerts to buy the full version of the software. Here is an example of a pop-up warning this software uses:

WARNING! Attack Detected.

Antivirus Master has detected possible harmful actions from remote computer on the network. Blaster/Sasser.variant worm behaviour detected. You have to register your copy to get full protection feature set and an ability to defeat upcoming threats. To begin online registration, please click "Activate now" button below.

If you see these types of warnings, ignore them and get yourself a legit antivirus or antispyware software to remove all rogue software, trojans, viruses or any other infections you may have.

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