Monday, February 16, 2009

PC Protection Center 2008

PC Protection Center 2008 is a phony antispyware program created by the same jerks who made Power Antivirus 2009, another phony antispyware used to rip people off. PC Protection Center 2008 is designed to frighten people with false security warnings in an attempt to sell the software. Do not fall for the PC Protection Center 2008 scam, avoid this parasite and remove it from infected PC's immediately.

PC Protection Center makes its way from PC to PC via malware that infects PC's and constantly displays fake security alerts and messages stating that the computer is infected and that the user should use PC Protection Center 2008 in order to remove these infections. If people fall for this malware scam and click on the warnings, PC Protection Center 2008 will be downloaded onto the PC. Once installed on a computer system PC Protection Center will continually display more fake security warnings, but will demand payment before removing anything form the PC. Do not buy PC Protection Center 2008, it is a scam, the software is completely useless.

If your PC is infected, you should remove PC Protection Center 2008 now. Click here to use VIPRE to remove this pest from your PC, and the malware it rode it on!

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