Thursday, February 19, 2009


Personal Defender 2009 is a rogue antispyware designed to look like a legitimate security software. Personal Defender uses scare tactics to frighten people into buying the software, which is completely useless and a potentially very dangerous.

PersonalDefender2009 makes its way onto computer systems by tricking people into downloading the program voluntarily. PersonalDefender 2009 is delivered by a Trojan, which mimics Windows Firewall notifications and asks if the user wants to enable protection. When users click to "Enable Protection" they are actually allowing the Trojan to install Personal Defender 2009.

Once Personal Defender 2009 is installed on a computer it imitates a system scan and reports a large numbers of infections found. Every message generated by PersonalDefender2009 can be ignored because they are all falsified. Personal Defender 2009 can also slow down system performance and limit internet connection. It displays many pop-ups that make using the computer an impossible task. PersonalDefender 2009 is also capable of hijacking web browser and redirecting it to or

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