Thursday, February 19, 2009


Antivirus Pro 2009 is a phony antispyware software, or rogue anti-spyware program. Antivirus Pro 2009 is made by the same crooks who made AntiSpywareXP 2009 and XP Antispyware 2009.

AntiSpyware Pro 2009 is advertised through the use of Trojans that display fake security alerts and messages stating that your computer is infected. These alerts will also automatically install Antivirus Pro 2009 on to your computer.

As part of its installation process, Antivirus Pro 2009 will configure itself to start automatically when users logon to their computer, resulting is slow and sluggish computers. It will also create a variety of fake malware files on the computer that are completely harmless, but are installed so they are detected by AntivirusPro 2009 when it scans the computer. When Antivirus Pro 2009 starts it will automatically scan the computer and list variety of infections that cannot be removed unless the user purchases the software. Many of these infections are the fake files that the program installed, as described above, as well as legitimate Windows files that are being called infections. It gives these false results in order to scare the user into purchasing the software. Antivirus Pro 2009 will hijack Internet Explorer so that when browsing the web, Antivirus Pro 2009 will randomly display a screen stating that there has been insecure internet activity and that there is a threat of a virus attack.

Antivirus Pro 2009 should be removed form infected computers, if your PC is infected you can remove Antivirus Pro 2009 with VIPRE.

Click here to remove Antivirus Pro 2009 with VIPRE.

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