Thursday, February 12, 2009


PyroAntiSpy is a phony antispyware software, made to trick people into thinking it's a legitimate security software. Don't fall for this scam, like all Pyro's it's good to avoid this one too!

Like most other rogue antispyware, PyroAntiSpy uses false security warnings to frighten people into buying the software. Once Pyro AntiSpy infects a PC it will begin a relentless barrage of pop-ups, falsified system scan results as well as displays a fake icon on the system tray. All these annoying pop-ups, scan results and system try icons state that the computer is infected with spyware, which is of course is false. PyroAntiSpy will use these fake security messages to urge people to download their software and will prompt you into purchasing the full version of PyroAntiSpy.

If your PC is infected with PyroAntiSpy, you should remove it immediately. Do not buy this software, you will get ripped-off, the software is completely useless once it's purchased and leaves users open and vulnerable to further infections.

PyroAntiSpy may be difficult to remove manually because it has the ability to recreate itself. You can remove this pest pretty easily with a legitimate antispyware or antivirus software.

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