Friday, February 20, 2009

Real Antivirus

Real Antivirus is a phony antivirus software, or a rogue antivirus. Real Antivirus uses scare tactics to frighten people into thinking their PC is infected and they need to buy this software in order to clean the infections form their computer. The real infection is Real Antivirus, which should be avoided and removed from infected PC's immediately.

When Real Antivirus is installed on a computer it will be configured to start when the user logs into Windows, which can cause the computer to be slow and sluggish. RealAV will scan the computer and list a variety of infected files that cannot be removed unless the user first purchase the software. The infected files that are found, though, are all fake and do not even exist on the computer. These files are shown to scare people into thinking they are infected and hoping that this causes them to purchase Real Antivirus. Unfortunately, purchasing Real Antivirus will not help anyone at all, but will rather just cause people to lose money while not providing any anti-malware protection.

If your PC is infected with Real Antivirus, you should remove it now. Click here to use VIPRE to remove Real Antivirus from your computer.

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