Friday, February 20, 2009

XP Protection Center

XP Protection Center is a phony antispyware software, also known as a rogue antispyware application. XP Protection Center is made to look like a Microsoft Windows XP tool, but this corrupt software is not associated with Windows XP or Microsoft and should not be trusted.

XP Protection Center was made by the same jerks who made AntiSpyware XP 2009 another rogue antispyware that is dangerous when installed on any computer.

XP Protection Center makes its way onto computer systems with the help of trojans. It uses fraudulent tactics to enter a system and to make users purchase the full version of this tool. People rarely pay for something that appears on a computer without their permission, but XP Protection Center tricks customers by presenting itself as reputable security application.

XP Protection Center is near impossible to uninstall and can be impossible to close. XPProtection Center modifies Windows registry and runs on every startup. It also hijacks web browser and redirects it to websites that promote XP Protection Center.
XPProtectionCenter is clearly a scam and it shouldn’t be trusted. Removal of this dangerous software is recommended for infected PC's.

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