Friday, February 20, 2009


Antivirus Trigger is a rogue antivirus software, created by the same hacks who created Virus Trigger. Antivirus Trigger is a total scam, designed to rip people off using scare tactics. Antivirus Trigger should be avoided, remove this corrupt software form infected computer systems immediately.

Antivirus Trigger is distributed by Trojans and via infected downloads on various websites. Antivirus Trigger installs itself on computer systems without the permission or knowledge of the user. AntivirusTrigger may appear to be a legitimate security program. It scans a computer; it reports detected infections and potential security risks. However, none of the reports is true. Antivirus Trigger reports either nonexistent or harmless files as infections. Other security messages displayed by AntivirusTrigger are falsified too. Antivirus Trigger demands purchasing full version of the software for deleting the fake threats. Do not trust it and do not spend your money for nonfunctional application.

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