Tuesday, February 3, 2009


XPShield is a rogue antispyware software that is made to look like legit antispyware software in an attempt to trick people into buying the software.

XPShield usually installs itself onto PC's without user permission via Trojans and viruses. Typically PC's become infected with XPShield when the user opens infected message in myspace or when the user installs infected or fake video codec.

When installed on a computer XPShield displays fake system alerts or security alerts to frighten the user to buy the Paid Version of the software.

XPShield security alerts look something like this:

Windows has detected virus or spyware activity on your computer. It is strongly recommended that you obtain antivirus and antispyware protection software. Windows willnow perform a search for installed antivirusssss and antispyware applications.

Found antivirus /antispyware:


Unregistered applications are usually unable to clean your system. You should register installed software and clean your system to prevent data loss and gain protection from further infections.

If your PC is infected with XPShield, you should remove it immediately. VIPRE Antivirus can remove this PC pest.

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