Tuesday, February 3, 2009


XPSecurityCenter is a rogue antispyware program made to look like a legitimate security software. XPSecurityCenter is a scam that uses fake security warnings to trick people into paying $44.95 for the useless software. Don't be ripped-off by the XPSecurityCenter scam, avoid this corrupt software.

XP Security Center installs itself with the help of a Trojan called Zlob on unsuspecting users PC's. Once a computer is infected with XPSecurity Center, Zlob will issue a huge amount of popups and fake security warning messages to "inform" the user about fictional or nonexistent spyware infections. XP Security Center will also display a system scan report with a list of scan results that are completely bogus.

XP Security Center is related to another nasty rogue antispyware, IEDefender. Both XPSecurityCenter and IEDefender can be removed from infected computers with VIPRE.

Click here to remove all infections form your PC with VIRPE.

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