Thursday, April 30, 2009

Antivirus Agent Pro

Antivirus Agent Pro is a phony antispyware software, also know as a rogue antispyware. If your computer is infected with Antivirus Agent Pro, do not trust this corrupt software, do not buy it, instead remove it immediately.

Like all rogue antispyware, Antivirus Agent Pro is designed to rip people off. Antivirus Agent Pro uses scare tactics to frighten people into thinking their computer is badly infected with malware and they need to buy this software to clean their machines.

Antivirus Agent Pro makes it's way from PC to PC with the help of trojans that install this corrupt software usually without the users knowledge or consent. Once Antivirus Agent Pro is installed and active on a computer system it will immediately run a system scan and report infections that try to frighten people into buying the full version of the software to remove the infection. Unfortunately Antivirus Agent Pro is the infection itself. The program will continually display pop up windows stating the system is infected along with warnings and alerts that look like windows security alerts stating the system is infected.

If a user does fall for the scam and buys the software, they have just lost their money and they will quickly learn that the software is completely useless. Antivrus Agent Pro will not stop future infections and will not remove existing infections from a PC.

If your computer is infected with Antivirus Agent Pro, you should remove it immediately. VIPRE can remove Antivirus Agent Pro, click here to use VIRPE to remove this rogue antispyware now.

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