Thursday, April 30, 2009


PCAntimalware is a phony security software, also known as a rogue antimalware software. PCAntimalware is a complete scam, the software should not be trusted. If your computer is infected with the PCAntivmalware rogue, you should remove it immediately.

PCAntimalware was created by the same cyberthieves who created AntiMalwareSuite, another nasty rogue. PCAntimalware is just like most other rogue security software, it uses scare tactics to frighten people into buying the corrupt software.

PCAntiMalware makes it's way from PC to PC with the help of trojans that use misleading advertisements that look like security warnings telling users their computers are infected and they need to download PCAntiMalware to clean their machines. Once a user clicks on the advertisment, PCAntiMalware is instantly installed on the computer. Once PCAntiMalware is installed it will run system scans that return results telling the user the computer is infected and it needs to purchase the full version of the software to clean the machine. It will also display popups and system warnings stating the computer is infected. All these warnings are false and only used to get people to fall for the scam and buy the software. Once PCAntiMalware is purchased it is completely useless, it will not protect the PC from future infections and it will not remove any existing infections.

PCAntiMalware will also change the users browser setting to constantly show advertisements, display unwanted popups, connect to the internet and continually run which can cause the users PC to become sluggish. PCAntiMalware is a dangerous rogue that should be removed from infected PC's immediately.

If your PC is infected with PCAntiMalware, click here to use VIPRE to remove it now.

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