Thursday, April 30, 2009

PCPrivacy Defender

PCPrivacy Defender is a rogue antispyware software. PC's infected with this corrupt software will experience browser setting changes, continual popups and advertisements, and sluggish PC performance. If your PC is infected with this parasite, you should remove it immediately.

PCPrivacy Defender makes it's way onto computer systems with the help of trojan viruses and misleading advertisements online. Once PCPrivacy Defender is installed on a computer it will perform a system scan and report multiple infections that are all fake. PCPrivacy Defender will also display popups and system warnings that alert the user to false system infections. These fake warnings and system alerts are an attempt to frighten users into buying the full version of the software to clean their computers.

Do not buy PCPrivacyDefender, it is an infection in itself. VIPRE can remove PCPrivacy Defender, click here to clean your system with VIPRE now.

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