Thursday, April 30, 2009


SystemProtector is a rogue antispyware that should not be trusted. SystemProtector is a corrupt software that is designed to rip people off. Made by the same jerks who made SpyProtector, another nasty rogue that plagues the internet.

SystemProtector makes it's way from PC to PC with the help of trojans. Once System Protector is installed on a PC is will immediately perform a system scan and report multiple infections. This report is false, these infections are not real, only intended to frighten people into thinking their computers are seriously infected and they need to buy the full version of System Protector to remove the infections. This is a scam, do not buy System Protector, the software is corrupt and created to rip you off.

For more detailed explaination of what System Protector will do to a PC, Watch the video below:

VIPRE can remove System Protector, click here to use VIPRE to remove System Protector from your PC now.

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