Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Advanced Virus Remover

Advanced Virus Remover is a rogue security software, its designed to rip people off. Do not judge this software by it's title - it's a complete scam.

Advanced Virus Remover infects computers with the help of Trojan viruses and misleading advertisements on the internet. Once Advanced Virus Remover is installed on a PC it will pop up warnings, alerts and scan results that state the PC is infected. These warnings are all false, designed to scare you into purchasing the full version of the software to clean your PC. This is scareware at it's finest. Do not buy Advanced Virus Remover, instead remove this parasite form your computer.

If your computer is infected with Advanced Virus Remover, remove it now with VIPRE.


  1. hey thanks a lot! really D:

    I just downloaded a file from somewhere and suddenly oh darn windows starts to pop up stuff about protecting me and my wallpaper was substituted by a spyware warning~ then I clicked on the popup and the advanced virus remover site appeared.
    Then I refused to pay anything even in the urge, and decided to risk once again my computer googling a trial or cracked version of it xD "if win says so, i guess then it's a good one" and I really needed to save my computer since I have a work for tomorrow~

    then, instead of the cracked download I found your site =D so thanks a lot, you've saved my life xD

    **well, I hope so, i still have to check if it worked hahah

  2. thnx alot dude ur a life & mmoney saver