Wednesday, June 3, 2009

XP Deluxe Protector

XP Deluxe Protector, is a rogue antispyware software, the program states it's designed to protect, but that is not exactly true. XP Deluxe Protector is a complete scam, in fact designed to rip you off!

XP Deluxe Protector makes its way from PC to PC via Trojans and misleading advertising on shady websites across the internet. Once this corrupt software infects a computer it will display all sorts of security warnings, threat alerts and scan results that are all fake. These fake warnings are designed to make you freak out and buy the full version of the software in an attempt to franticly clean your PC. Unfortunately its all a scam. XP Deluxe Protector is useless it does not clean infections from computers and it does not protect against future infections. Do not trust XP Deluxe Protector, it's a SCAM!

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