Thursday, October 29, 2009

Windows Enterprise Suite

Windows Enterprise Suite is a phony security program, made to look like Microsoft Windows security software. Windows Enterprise Suite is actually phony security software, designed to rip people off. Window Enterprise Suite also screens that look very similar to the real Windows Security Center to appear to users to be a legitimate Microsoft software.

If your PC is infected with Windows Enterprise Suite you will notice the software running a system scan every time you log into Windows. Windows Enterprise Suite will report numerous infections, which are actually all fake. Windows Enterprise Suite shows these false system scan reports to frighten people into paying for the software to remove it supposed infections.

Windows Enterprise Suite will also show false system warnings and alerts stating the PC is infected or under attack. Here is an example of a Windows Enterprise Suite fake warning:

In the fake waring above, Windows Enterprise Suite is actually reporting a competing rogue security software, TrustWarrior as an infection.

If your PC is infected with Windows Enterprise Suite, you should remove it immediately as it poses serious security risks for all PC users. Click here to remove Windows Enterprise Suite form your PC now.


  1. As recently as last night, I had this program infect my home PC.

    There's a few things that one needs to know about this. I'm not sure if this is the program that does this, but this is what occurred:

    1- It will not let you use Explorer. If you try to open Explorer, it will come up for about 15 seconds and then shut down the application (Explorer).

    2- It will not let you get to Taskmanager. I tried to access Taskmanager from the Ctrl-Alt-Delete keystrokes and from START-RUN-taskmgr. It brought up a photoeditor.

    The only way I could get it to stop was to do a search for Windows Enterprise Suite. Once I found a shortcut, I went to the target and changed the extention of the .exe file to something else (like .bad). Then I restarted the system. Once it came back online, I downloaded an application that got rid of it.

    It would seem that there are other virus' that are there as my wife is encountering problems as we speak.

  2. I inherited a computer with Windows Enterprise Suite. It renames the taskmgr.exe to taskmgr.exe.exe, but keeps the original file. Won't let you open task manager. I installed Norton Internet Security 2010 and Norton did not detect it. Windows Enterprise Manager changed messages to imitate Norton. I tried to add SP3, it's an XP OS, and after 3 attempts, I gave up. The SP3 would get all the way to the end and then give a message "Permission Denied". Taskmgr.exe still did not work. By this time, Norton was not coming up either. I wiped the disk and started over. This is malicious software.