Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yes, another rogue antivirus software from the Winisoft family, this time it's BlockProtector, a very original title if you will. And you guessed it, it looks exactly the same as the other rogues by these jerks. Really, these are starting to bore me, at least change the tag line from "Help protect your PC" to something more creative please?

If your PC has been infected with BlockProtector you will most likely see the following symptoms:
  • System file scans reporting numerous infections
  • Pop-up alerts stating your PC is infected or under attack
  • System tray warnings that look like authentic windows warnings stating the PC is unprotected
  • Web browser redirecting to malicious websites
  • Security warnings embedded on webpages
  • Programs not opening or shutting down because of a "File Infected error"
  • Desktop hijacking

BlockProtector is a potentially very dangerous PC infection that should be removed from infected PC's immediately. VIPRE can remove BlockProtector, click here to download a free 15-day trial of VIPRE and remove this pest today.

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