Monday, February 23, 2009

Antivirus 360

Antivirus 360 is a fake antispyware software, or a rogue antispyware, designed to rip people off. Antivirus 360 uses scare tactics to frighten people into purchasing the software, which is completely useless.

Antivirus 360 makes its way from PC to PC via the Vundo Trojan. The Vundo Trojan will display a ton of pop-ups stating that the computer is infected and that the user should install Antivirus 360 in order to protect the PC from infection. If users click on the ad, Antivirus 360 will be downloaded and installed onto the computer.

Once installed, Antivirus 360 will be configured to start automatically when Windows is started, this will cause the PC to run very slow and sluggish. Antivirus 360 will perform a system scan and display a report with a list of legitimate or nonexistent files as infections that cannot be removed unless the user purchases the program. What is so dangerous about these scan results is that the files that Antivirus 360 states are infections are actually legitimate Microsoft files, that if deleted, will cause Windows to become unusable. Antivirus 360 will also display a constant barrage of false security alerts stating that the computer has a variety of security risks. These risks range from files being modified to private data being sent to a remote host. These alerts, though, are false and are only being shown to further scare people into thinking their computer is infected, when in fact the Antivirus 360 program is the actual infection.

If your PC is infected with Antivirus 360, you should remove it immediately. Click here to use VIPRE to remove Antivirus 360 from your computer.

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