Monday, September 28, 2009


SecuritySoldier is the latest phony antispyware in what seems like an endless list of clone rogue programs. You may notice, of the last 8 rogues posted on this blog, 6 of them all look the same, and here is yet another.

If your PC is infected with SecuritySoldier or any of its clones you should remove the infection immediately. Clones of Security Solider include:

All the above rogue security programs will try to frighten users into purchasing the software with false security warnings and system scan results. These rogue antispyware programs prey on naive PC users that will react instantly by purchasing the software in order to remove infections, not knowing that they are in fact purchasing a PC infection in itself.

If your PC is infected with SecuritySoldier or any other rogue antispyware, you should remove it immediately. VIPRE can remove Security Soldier. Click here to remove SecuritySoldier form your PC now with VIRPE.

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