Friday, October 9, 2009


SafeFighter is rogue antivirus software, or phony antivirus software. SafeFighter is just another rogue security software that preys on naive PC users, tricking them into paying for this corrupt product.

SafeFighter is from a very large family of rogue antivirus applications that include:
When SafeFighter infects a PC it will place over 700 fake files onto the computer system. SafeFighter will then run a system scan and report false infections in an attempt to frighten the user into paying for the software to remove the supposed infections. SafeFighter will also display numerous pop-ups and system warnings stating the PC is infected, not protected, or under attack. Again these warnings and alerts are all fake, used to scare people into buying the corrupt software.

If your PC is infected with SafeFighter or any of the above rogue antivirus applications, you should remove them from your PC immediately.

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